DANON: The journey so far

First established in 1975 as a small workshop for jewellery manufacturing, Danon Ltd has since developed into a prosperous global business serving thousands of customers in Israel and abroad. Today Danon’s designs are showcased at some of the world's leading fashion and jewellery stores, boutiques and design houses.

Based in Tel-Aviv, Danon is a true family company. Behind the name is Josef Danon, founder, owner and CEO, while his daughter Gal Danon is head of design. The intimate and familial nature of the brand is mirrored by the personal touch put into every hand-finished jewellery piece.


Innovation in design

Danon's designers have created fashionable, original items for over 40 years, using advanced technology and expert craftsmanship, while ensuring close personal attention is given to every piece.

Danon’s designs are characterised by their clean lines and unique style, combining exquisite gems, semi-precious stones, tactile leather, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and other original decorations. All the jewellery is made from zinc alloy or pewter and is coated in gold, rose gold or silver plating.


The creation process

The process of making each piece of jewellery is a fascinating and personal one. Every jewellery creation begins with an idea. From the idea comes the basic design of the jewellery piece, which is crafted to make a model. This model is then pressed into a silicon mold. The raw material is heated to around 450 degrees and the melted material fills the mold, which then sets.The hardened metal is smoothed down using specialist equipment containing fine porcelain stones and the jewellery is then coated in silver, gold or rose gold plating. Each item is hand-polished to create Danon’s unique matte finish. The individual pieces are carefully covered in a protective lacquer and dried in a special furnace. Finally, the exquisite gems, freshwater pearls and other materials are added to create the distinctive Danon designs our customers love.


Israeli-Made for a global market

Every product from Danon is carefully hand-crafted in our Israeli manufacturing factory. We are proud to contribute to the strengthening of local industry by creating more jobs in the Israeli community, while building brand trust and loyalty within a global market.


The future of DANON

DANON jewellery has acquired a strong and trusted global name with a loyal and ever-expanding client base, including customers from the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Russia and Spain. Through our creative design expertise, technical excellence and commitment to quality materials, the future looks bright for Danon as a leader in cutting-edge, international jewellery design.