On the jewelry

What materials are the jewelry made of?

Danon products are made of two types of base metals - mezack or pewter
And they are plated with pure silver, or with 24K gold plating. 
Some of the jewelry includes Swarovski crystals or different types of gems.

What is Mezk? I've never heard of it.

Mezek is a mixture of metals (alloy) based on zinc. 
It is a metal that is especially suitable for making jewelry - 
It is durable and does not cause sensitivity in the wearer. 

What can you tell me about your coatings?

Danon owns a private plating factory and all our jewelry is plated by hand.
In this way we guarantee unrivaled quality, appearance and durability. 
Every piece of Danon jewelry is coated with a high-quality and durable micro-coating, which does not contain nickel (Nickel Free) and therefore in most cases does not cause sensitivities.

Does your jewelry cause allergies?

We are happy to say that in most cases no. 
Our coating does not contain nickel (Nickel Free) and therefore it is suitable in most cases even for those who usually suffer from sensitivity.

Is your jewelry made of gold?

No, our jewelry is made of mezka or pewter and plated with 24K gold or pure silver. 
Goldfield is a completely different metal and in fact it is not possible to make the same jewelry that can be made from mezk or pewter. 
Although the goldfield gained some popularity a few years ago, we choose to continue making our jewelry using the same traditional methods and with the same materials that we have been working with for over 45 years. 

How can you keep the jewelry and enjoy it for a long time? (User manual)

• Try not to wear the jewelry while sleeping, bathing, or sporting activities. 
• It is important to keep the jewelry away from contact with water, cosmetic preparations
and various chemical substances. 
• Keep the jewelry in a sealed bag or box - this is how you will give it to them  
Longer "life". 
• In case the jewelry is blackened or "dirty", it can be gently cleaned 
Using a dry cotton cloth, or a dry silver cleaning cloth. 
• Only silver-plated jewelry can be gently cleaned with lukewarm water 
and soap and immediately afterwards wipe well. 
• It should be taken into account that rubbing 
The jewelry will give the silver plating a more shiny appearance and is therefore less recommended 
Do the same with matte silver coated products. 

Does the jewelry turn black?

It is important for us that you know - the purer and higher quality the silver coating, the more it tends to blacken in contact with oxygen and light, or in contact with the body, depending on the natural PH level.
As mentioned, in case of blackening, the jewelry can be gently wiped with a cotton cloth or a dry silver for cleaning cloth. 

Is there a warranty on the jewelry?

The Danon company provides a one-year warranty from the date of purchase on each piece of jewelry. 
This warranty covers any defect that originates from a fault in production or assembly, but does not include defects that originate from use that does not comply with the instructions for use. 
Disclaimers include cases where the jewelry is damaged as a result of an accident, fall, abrasion, breakage and/or independent repair attempts. 
In order to exercise the warranty, proof of purchase (invoice/receipt) must be presented.