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Gold plated jewelry

What is the difference between gold-plated jewelry and goldfield?

One major difference is the fact that the variety of shapes that can be produced from goldfield is fundamentally different from that which can be produced from other metals. The goldfield is found in two main forms: as a metal coil or as a kind of flat "pages" from which shapes are cut. It is produced by a process of heat and pressure, in which a basic metal layer (copper or brass) is combined with a thin "sheet" of gold. Gold-plated jewelry, on the other hand, can be produced in almost any three-dimensional shape and therefore the variety of jewelry that is obtained is much wider and there is almost unlimited freedom for creativity in terms of design.

Israeli designer jewelry

Choose local

The Israeli market is saturated with artisans and jewelry makers, who have been in the field for quite a few years, and offer their products to the general public and especially to women. Today there are many famous Israeli jewelry designers, both in Israel and in the world, who have made a name for themselves thanks to the creativity, innovation and uniqueness that they bring with them. A purchase of blue and white jewelry not only strengthens the local businesses, but also constitutes a connection to making, to the love of design and the unique artistic style of each and every piece of jewelry.

designer necklaces

Choose correctly without compromising on quality

In a market that is flooded with cheap products, which are often imported from the Far East, it is easy to get confused and believe that "there is no point in spending a lot on a piece of jewelry." Even without going into issues such as fair trade and exploitation in the industry, almost everyone will agree that it is better for her to pay a slightly higher price, in exchange for a much higher quality chain, a designer chain, behind which stands a serious and well-known company, with a name and reputation, that will provide her with the best service The need.


Allergic to nickel?

If you also have a rash, redness and itchy skin after wearing certain jewelry - you probably have a nickel allergy. Many jewelry these days incorporate nickel in their plating process, which can cause allergic reactions among women and men who wear the jewelry. The good news is, hold on tight - finding nickel-free jewelry, ones that are high quality, trendy and full of style, is a completely possible task and even recommended!